Going Remote With CTRL Cloud HVD and why we travel often. (also some FAQs)

by Feb 6, 2019

Many people have been asking how myself and the rest of the CTRL Cloud team can travel so much and work at the same instance.

With our cloud technology we are able to save a substantial amount of costs for our infrastructure. With minimal cost hardware for end users and extending the life of that hardware via our seamless thin client experience we are able to save substantially versus traditional infrastructure models.

We decided to re-invest that savings into the various teams managing the work to life balance which many companies fail to deliver on. So we took a proactive approach. We asked everyone to list some places they would like to work from for any given amount of time. From there we came to an agreement on locations, dates, etc. So once every other quarter (sometimes every quarter) a team is working remote at destination locations.


Another question is how do we sustain our workloads while not in an office?

With all of our clients… no work is done onsite unless we are deploying a networked printer server for integration there is no onsite work. So where does that leave us to work? At our own office location? Send everyone home?

Well that is a question that your company needs to answer if you are in the same position. We are not a fan of overhead. It’s actually why we designed CTRLCloud. To reduce cost for our customers and to give the ability to be productive anywhere.

Which reminds me… there is no pesky latency interacting with our Hosted Virtual Desktops. How you ask? We invested in a 100% SSD Flash Storage for you! That is right! No more latency from spinning mechanical drives. This has made the user experience and quality of work life amazing.


That’s great and all. But how secure is it?

Let’s throw some acronyms at you… Our servers are located in Equinix Facilities Tier III+/IV Certified SSAE-16, PCI-DSS and HIPAA Compliant Data Centers located in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston.

In addition we also provide many other products and options to help keep any company’s compliance. Including Site to Site VPNs that allow companies to take ownership of the HVDs / End Users hosted on CTRLCloud being integrated into the companies LDAP and AD Infrastructure.


Is this right for our company? How many users do I need to benefit from this service? Is my company too big to save money?

Customers have seen substantial savings from as little as 10 users to thousands of users. Every company has seen cost savings and benefited from integrated security services that they would not have been able to afford previously or is an added to service that is an extra layer of protection.


Ready to see how a custom CTRLCloud solution can secure your devices and save you money?

You can reach out to one of our Sales Associates or Request a Demo by contacting us at info@CtrlCloudGroup.com

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Nick Ferry

Nick Ferry

Managing Partner

Nick, is one of the founders of CTRL Cloud a company that intends on changing how businesses think about their workforce. He was in the army and went to work with surveillance drones supporting USSOCOM. Nick was also privately contracted to IBM via Boston IT as a Security Engineer (2009 – 2008) and currently still works in the security / IT business as a private contractor.