Powerful, Five Star Hires and Five Star Work Habits Inside the Cloud Computing World

work habits in the cloud

Effective employee work habits and personality traits make the corporate world go around.

As goals are met and exceeded, profit margins rise, and the results-oriented business world let people show up for their jobs the next day. No one likes to be called to the manager’s office because a contract wasn’t renewed or awarded.

Hiring managers agree on this list that makes top performers. They include:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Patience
  • Avoiding drama
  • Initiative
  • Taking responsibility
  • Lack of narcissistic tendencies
  • and others.

A few seem to mesh with the IT world, specifically the world of cloud computing and mobility, where a happy professional is a productive, team-oriented employee.

One work habit near the top of the list is “Active Listening.” It is important enough, and number one on most business internet sites list of top traits for productive hires. Active listening may seem easy, and most people assume they do it well. Common research involving active listening indicates that the average person listens with 25 percent efficiency. That means 75 percent of what a person says is in the wind. That’s a lot of words drifting out to sea.

Most research involving active listening indicates that the average person listens with 25 percent efficiency. That means 75 percent of what a person says is in the wind. That’s a lot of words drifting out to sea.

In an article published in the Harvard Business Review about great listeners, the author outlines six levels for being a great listener. One of them is a tough one to master because it involves listening and interjecting suggestions and opinions without hijacking a conversation. We have all been in a conversation where someone verbally runs over everyone in the group so that others cannot get an observation heard.

Active listening requires two crucial superpowers. “Superpowers” being the operative word because they are difficult for most listeners to master. One habit that is darn near impossible for some to conquer, and that is the ability to remove distractions like mobile phones. The other is the “active” part of listening, and that is the talent to understand the words in the communication process, and then give some indication verbally that you get the point. Some think this is repeating what someone says, but it is the ability to understand and then provide recommendations and suggestions. This cues the “sender” to give more information.

This active listening part is in conjunction with another trait that goes hand in hand with the Cloud, and that is the ability to manage your well-being while working. Maintaining your well-being means integrating your personal life with your professional responsibilities while managing to keep the boss happy with results.

You are taking care of the family commitments while also satisfying your company’s goals,  when it’s your turn to speak at a teleconference or business meeting and your slide with the monthly metrics shows up for everyone to see.

To accomplish your goals, accessing data analytics, applications, files, communication software, and creative suites from anywhere through Control Cloud for a business meeting or a brain session is essential.

The business world moves fast in today’s world. Our minds are thinking more swiftly, and we physically move quicker and farther. The Cloud helps use all of our resources.

Flexibility, salary, and benefits attract top performers, much like a five-star movie bringing an audience to a movie theater.

A happy employee is an active listener because they have maintained their family commitments, freeing their minds up to concentrate. When this happens, other top traits fall into place, like self-managing their time, responsibilities, and job tasks.

In today’s mobile, cloud computing environment, and business world, you can have it three ways: A satisfied employee, a happy customer, and a contented manager, because bosses are never really 100 percent satisfied.



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Rick Bretz

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