The Remarkable Ripple Effects of COVID19 and The Cloud


Throw a rock in a pond and watch water waves cascade outward. All because of one decision to toss a stone in a certain direction.

Call it the Ripple Effect, the Butterfly Effect, the Domino Effect, the ever-popular slippery slope, or more appropriate to the present situation, the contagion effect.

The question is, “Can you control it?” You can by making a calculated choice before even picking up the rock.

Today, people are thinking before making many decisions. Move one way instead of another, touch a doorknob or not, walk into one building or wait, stand here or there. Make the wrong choice, and the next few months or years could be difficult.

Federal, State, and Local governments demonstrate every day just how much control over commerce, transportation, and movement for everyone by shutting doors for certain businesses as well as where people can go, when, and for how long. Closing businesses, canceling events, closing schools, and handing out tickets and fines for any violators are measures from the short list of control steps. Full on control is here during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the results are yet to be determined.

Today, control over your life and business means everything. As the government uses its power to limit where to move within your world and where to congregate, there are some aspects of your business life where control is ready to be seized.

Many of these measures have a ripple effect that alters income, lifestyles, and economic standing.

The IT Cloud is becoming the best option for the IT Crowd.


The IT Cloud features three primary offerings:

With each service, an IT Cloud subscriber gains more control over applications, storage, and network availability.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


Before choosing a cloud provider, it is crucial to determine one or more requirements specific to your organization or business.

For example, if a small business or start up has 10 or fewer employees, the need may be just SaaS. Once requirements are developed, then an organization settles on how much control is needed over the cloud choice to run daily tasks smoothly.

At this point, managers and owners should gather as many viewpoints as possible to make an educated decision on the cloud. The ripple effect can be devastating if you choose not enough control or spend funding for more control then needed. Getting advice from a reputable cloud provider can make a difference. Cloud providers, who make recommendations according to a customer’s needs rather than hard up-selling, make a difference when converting from internal network infrastructure to a cloud environment.

Software as a Service, provided by the Cloud provider, offers the ability to access software from any device as well as offering virtual desktops. The software list lives on the cloud readily available to subscribers from any device. The software list depends on many factors. The most important being the provider and whether their description is a public, private, community, or hybrid. The designation depends on how open and accessible the provider’s cloud is configured. The cloud may offer Microsoft 365 with specific software tailored to job tasks.

Virtualization frees managers from a static IT environment by creating a dynamic work atmosphere.

The software availability releases a company from the burden of having a physical copy of the software and a license for each device.

Platform as a Service gives subscribers a network server, web servers, and operating systems so that companies can use vendor-specific software. The customer has more control over the types and families of software it uses for the company business. With this ability to control software and how to use it comes the burden of change order management, licenses, and security updates. With control, there is a trade-off with more responsibility.

Infrastructure as a Service offers a full package with even more control that includes Virtual Machines, Storage space, and management with the ability to organize VLANs additional network resources and load balancing. With each level moving up, cloud providers additional packages and resources depending on how the providers organize their customer’s choices.

If a butterfly flaps its wings in the jungles of Borneo, does it create a hurricane in Florida? Maybe. Many small decisions add up to a significant outcome—positive or negative. Safety investigations often drill down into a series of bad decisions that lead to an unavoidable end game. Spend wisely– it’s one thing you can control.

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Rick Bretz

Rick Bretz

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