Virtual Desktops

With Control Cloud’s Virtual Desktop Solution, your company PCs and files are delivered through secure, reliable, digital workspace from any device, anywhere. Like a traditional desktop computer, you can log in, install programs, save data, and make customizations; however unlike a conventional network, these settings will follow you – accessible from any device – ensuring a consistent user experience. You will never be more than a few clicks away from your virtual desktop’s comfort and security.

Businesses typically see a 30-50% reduction in operational expenses after migrating to a cloud model.

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Reduce Capital Investments

With Control Cloud, your large capital investments in technology are reduced. No more keeping pace with the escalating costs of repeated cycles of software and hardware upgrades, downloads, and replacements.

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Achieve Greater Productivity

Control Cloud is an agile, user-friendly turnkey service. All users can work anywhere, on any device, and you get instant scalability in adding new users.

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Gain Control of Your Data

Data is stored centrally. Easily adjust user’s access to your cloud and all your data. You decide who gets access to files and who doesn’t.

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Achieve Efficiency Effortlessly

Any tasks you execute on Control Cloud are synced across your environment and use only the cloud server’s resources.

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Why Virtualize With Control Cloud?

Hosted Virtual Desktops are the next phase in IT efficiency and productivity, and we are here to help your business succeed in the cloud. We've got lots of great information in our growing cloud library.

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Our Security

Our infrastructure was built from the ground up to meet industry-leading security and performance standards—to ensure the most reliable and consistent user experience.

Security Questions?

Speak directly to a Control Cloud Representative about your security model.

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Multi-Customer Environment

We provide a multi-customer environment isolating access from the infrastructure. We ensure each of your requirements are fulfilled – from security to licensing.

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Enhanced Network Security

CTRL Cloud provides and manages anti-virus, spam, and malware protection systems that stretch deep into the desktop environment. Each layer of isolation enhances network security.

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Protection Plans

We bring peace of mind to all of our customers by including multisite backup options, creating duplicated images of each HVD and server as needed.

Security Questions?

Speak directly to a Control Cloud Representative about your security model.

Deploy A Cloud Solution

Sign up for a Control Cloud Virtual Desktop or Hybrid Solution and speak with an expert about your options.

Control Cloud For Industries

Each industry faces its own set of unique challenges including compliance, budgets, increase efficiencies, and ensuring security. At Control Cloud, we make sure to meet each one of your organization’s set of standards and optimize procedures based on your needs.

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Control Cloud Virtual Desktops are simple for students, educators, and staff. Applications and files can be accessed from any compatible mobile device, on or off-campus, allowing distance learning.

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Control Cloud helps insurance companies meet the demands of their customers by providing digital transformation through virtual desktops. Ever-changing regulatory pressures and growing competition are a thing of the past.



Virtual desktops are a game changer for the financial industry. Whether you are securing sensitive information or saving financial data, we are here to reduce the challenges and risks you face in today’s changing market.

Tailored Migration Solutions

Every organization has its own unique needs for moving to the cloud. Simplify your journey by tailoring your migration plan with Control Cloud. You’ll get the guidance to make the most of your new environment.

Whether it is hybrid or Multi-Cloud, we’ll make sure you have the IT tools you need for your business, so that you can get back to business as usual.

Control Cloud Commitment

Offering a hands-on, client-focused product that customized to you and your business needs.

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Superior Support

We are committed to providing superior service to our customers.

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Training & Education

We'll equip your team with the training and support you need with each plan.

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Maximum Speeds

We provide ultra-high-performance data access. Your applications and data are instantaneously available.

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Top-Tier Technology

CTRL Cloud data centers are Tier III, SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II. Stringent, continuous security measures are in place to protect your data.

 Virtual Desktop FAQ

What is A Virtual Desktop?

A virtual desktop means that a user’s desktop operating system is stored remotely on a server from another location rather than on your physical device. Desktop virtualization software separates the desktop operating systems, applications and data from the hardware client, storing this “virtual desktop” on a remote server.

The remote server that runs and supports virtual desktops uses software called a hypervisor to create a “virtual machine” that simulates the user’s desktop environment and capabilities. In a virtual desktop environment, users access their personal desktop remotely, over the Internet, from any client device - Thin Client, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone. Just like a traditional desktop computer, you can install programs, create data and make customizations but unlike a conventional network, these settings will follow you anywhere.

Which operating systems are available on Control Cloud?

We offer Windows 10 and Server 2019 as the default operating systems.

What does a user need to access Control Cloud Virtual Desktop?

Control Cloud users need a solid internet connection and a device that supports RDP - which are available on android, apple, and windows.

How is my data backed up?

Cloud Backups are replicated hourly. Snapshots are taken of existing desktops and backed up to our servers. We offer up to 100GB* protected storage.

How do I manage Control Cloud Virtual Desktops?

We offer cloud management and updates as a standard service on all virtual desktops, but if you would like to manage your solution we offer that as a part of your customized plan.

What applications are available on Control Cloud Virtual Desktops?

You can install applications on your virtual machine just like you would on any standard PC. We are a Microsoft Office reseller and offer it as a part of our package options.

Can Control Cloud be deployed in countries outside of the United States?

Yes, please contact us during normal business hours to discuss deployment of Control Cloud within your country.

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