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The scalable, tailored, IT Infrastructure

Every successful and hassle-free cloud migration starts with choosing the right partner. That’s why we work closely with each our clients to come up with a tailored migration solution for their business.

Migrate - Control Cloud Plans

Cloud migration plans and orchestration

There are many decisions and technical plans that must be made during the course of a cloud migration. That is why we work closely with each one of our clients to help them move through a smooth migration.

Migrate Physical Machines Cloud

Physical Machines and Cloud

Digital transformation strategy may include migrating of all company’s workloads to Control Cloud, or you can choose a hybrid cloud migration approach when migration process involves some applications, while others remain on-premise.

Migrate Cloud Expert Architect

Expert Support from a Cloud Architect

Control Cloud services never stop on launch. We are a proactive team of professionals that are here to support your business needs. From training and support to continued optimization we’ve got you covered.

Launch Into Migration Success

We make running a business easier by Migrating All of Your Essential Enviornments for you.

Cloud Migration Consulting


To start developing your cloud solution, you’ll get a scheduled discovery call with one of our professional Control Cloud representatives where we help you architect the essentials needed for a successful migration.

Cloud Migration Mapping


To migrate to Control Cloud your business will go through a simple 3 step process of planning, mapping and migrating. Each solution is customized to our users business and engineered from the ground up.

Migrate Cloud Launch


On launch we follow through and optimize your solution by providing top tier customer service and technical support to accelerate your success and ensure the job is done right.

Your Success Is Our Success

We are a proactive team of professionals that are here to support your business needs. Below are some ways we make sure your mission is successfull:

Migrate Cloud Success
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Training & Support

Training and support can go a long way in your migration to the cloud. That is why we offer customized support plans that assist you in establishing continued cloud maintenance and assistance after your migration.

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Follow Ups With Cloud Specialist

Control Cloud makes it a point to follow up with you on your cloud plan. In your follow up’s, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about what’s happening in the cloud, discover new offerings, and make plan adjustments as your business changes.

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Continued Optimization

Our approach to the cloud is proactive ensuring that your machines are always ready to go – patched, maintained and optimized for the best user experience in the cloud.

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