New Challenges Require New Solutions

Digital transformation is happening now.

Control Cloud delivers the work from anywhere experience. Let us help you quickly deploy virtual desktops or scale a hybrid cloud environment to your organization.

Powerful Cloud Service

The Control Cloud team has the experience, expertise, and ability to execute IT modernization projects.

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Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVDs)

Access virtual desktops from wherever you are – Thin Client, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile Phone.

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Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

Our Architects can help you meet the challenges of running a private cloud with your on-premise infrastructure or public cloud solution.

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Migrate all of your essential applications to the cloud – simplifying operations and budgets.

Optimize Your Cloud Experience

Control Cloud simplifies, streamlines, and modernizes your business in the cloud.

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Disaster Recovery
disaster recovery icon Control Cloud minimizes downtime and data loss. We provide reliable recovery of physical, virtual, and cloud-based servers in the event of IT disruptions.
Reliable Security
Control Cloud minimizes downtime and data loss. We provide reliable recovery of physical, virtual, and cloud-based servers in the event of IT disruptions.
Compliance Plans
Align your security needs to the cloud. Modernize with Control Cloud to achieve an agile, secure approach — enabling your online success while protecting your data and complying with regulations.
Flexible Migration
Every successful and hassle-free cloud migration starts with choosing the right partner. We work closely with each of our clients to develop a tailored migration plan for your physical, virtual, and cloud-based infrastructure.
Support & Training
Control Cloud is a lot more than a cloud provider. We offer a hands-on, client-focused product customized to you and your business needs. We’ll equip your team with the training and support you need with each plan.
Flat-Rate Pricing
Control Cloud offers the most up-front, affordable cloud pricing for your business. We provide flexible, pay as you grow subscription plans that can be scaled up or down.

Deploy A Cloud Solution

Sign up for a Control Cloud Virtual Desktop or Hybrid Solution and speak with an expert about your options.

Businesses typically see a 30-50% reduction in operational expenses after migrating to a cloud model.

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Reduce Capital Investments

With Control Cloud, your large capital investments in technology are reduced. No more keeping pace with the escalating costs of repeated cycles of software and hardware upgrades, downloads, and replacements.

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Achieve Greater Productivity

Control Cloud is an agile, user-friendly turnkey service. All users can work anywhere, on any device, and you get instant scalability in adding new users.

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Gain Control of Your Data

Data is stored centrally. Easily adjust user’s access to your cloud and all your data. You decide who gets access to files and who doesn’t.

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Achieve Efficiency Effortlessly

Any tasks you execute on Control Cloud are synced across your environment and use only the cloud server’s resources.

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